Hamsa and Evil Eye Protection Jewelry

The Evil Eye,or the eye of envy, is said to cause injury or bad luck for the person at whom it is directed. Sounds pretty scary, huh? Do not fret, Evil Eye and Hamsa Jewelry is said to protect against the evil “stink” eye!

Red Glass Bead Evil Eye BraceletRose Gold Vermeil CZ Evil Eye Necklace  CZ Hamsa Pendant in Rose Gold VermeilBlue Macrame Hamsa Hand Kabbalah Bracelet

Evil Eye Jewelry is extremely popular among celebrities.

Most likely because they are constantly being viewed by many people who are envious of their fame and wealth.

kim kardashian evil eye braceletslady gaga evil eye

Do you like Magical Protection or Good Luck Jewelry?!

Magical Protection Sterling Silver Charm Necklace


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