DIY Glitter Magnets


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Nothing catches our eye like glittery, sparkly things! So naturally when I came across these DIY glitter magnets on Pinterest, I had to investigate further. DeLoop made these awesome magnets based on a tutorial from, and it’s easy enough for you to try at home too! 

What You Need:
– Glass marbles with a flat back
– Strong magnets
– Silicone glue
– Paint brush
– Assorted glitter

What To Do:
1. Arrange your glitter into piled however you’d like. Separate into different color piles, mix and match, etc.
2. Apply silicone glue to the flat side of the glass marble, and brush into a thin layer using a paint brush.
3. Press the silicone side into one of the piles of glitter.
4. Lay your marbles glitter side up to dry for at least 3 hours.
5. Once the glitter has dried on, brush a thin layer of silicon glue on top of the glitter to seal it on. 
6. Let this dry, then dab some silicone glue onto the back of a small piece of magnet and press it onto the back of the marble. Let dry another 3 hours (at least).

Be sure your magnet is fully dried to the marble for use. Voila! Sparkly DIY magnets! They come out resembling drusy stones with a smoother texture. Happy crafting!


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