The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far!

Fall is a great time of year for outdoor activities. You can do anything from playing football with friends, to hiking and best of all, apple picking! Even if you do not like apples, heading out to your local orchard and picking shiny red apples is a fall must!

applepickignThere’s nothing like strolling through apple orchards feeling the crisp fall air on your face. Most orchards also offer more than just apple picking. They offer all things fall related from pumpkin picking to hay rides and fun and challenging corn mazes! So while you’re chomping on your apple, you can challenge your friends to a corn maze extravaganza or just relax on a hay ride while watching all the beautiful fall colors pass you by.

You can always look fabulous and chic while partaking in your fall activities too! The fall season always includes beautiful and rich colors you can use to accent your fall look. Simply having fun fall themed accessories is also a great way to liven up any apple picking trip. No matter what autumn activity you choose this season, you can always look great!


You can dress for the season by accenting your knits and boots with some foliage on your ears! With our filigree leaf earrings you’ll blend right into your surroundings, that is of course if you’re surrounded by trees made of silver. Amber tones also sparkle beautifully among the colors of fall. The natural red, green, and yellow amber tones are mellow for the season and reflect beautifully in the sun shining on the orchards! Find your fall accessory look today – be inspired by the fall season around you!


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