DIY: Dip-Dyed T-Shirt

via Wit & Whistle

via Wit & Whistle

From hair to home furnishings to clothes, ombré is in! We found a fun and helpful tutorial from Wit & Whistle on how to dip-dye a plain white t-shirt. The tricky part is how long to leave the shirt in the dye for each shade of the color, but the tutorial is quite detailed and helpful!

What you need:
– fabric dye
– salt (if dye calls for it)
– plain white t-shirt
– stainless steel sink or bucket for dye
– warm water

Once you’ve got all your materials and a crafty mindset, click here to head on over to Wit & Whistle for the full tutorial!

Once you’re ready with your new ombré t-shirt, pair it with some fun ombré jewelry, like these Swarovski crystal ombré heart earringsombre earrings


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