DIY: Gemstone Jack-O-Lanterns

Halloween is almost here! Have you been to the pumpkin patch yet? The October weekends are winding down, so if you haven’t carved yourself a festive pumpkin yet, here’s a creative way to decorate all the while showing your passion for all things sparkly! We found this craft on Pinterest via Design Sponge, and today we’re sharing how to make your own Gem-O-Lanterns!

image via Design Sponge

image via Design Sponge

What you need:

– Carving pumpkin(s)

– Pumpkin carving tools

– Marker

– White spray paint

Draw your favorite gem shapes on your pumpkins after hollowing them out fully. Carve out your designs the way you would carve any jack-o-lantern, and finish by spraypainting your pumpkins white (or any other color of your choice) for a super-chic gemstone look! For the full tutorial with additional images and tips, see the original tutorial at Design Sponge.

bst10018What’s your favorite gemstone cut? Would you carve it into a gem-o-lantern? What are you carving into your Jack-O-Lanterns this year?


2 thoughts on “DIY: Gemstone Jack-O-Lanterns

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