Oreo Turkey Thanksgiving Place Settings

Awesome alert! If you’ve still got a heaping bag of leftover Halloween candy, but you’re starting to think about the impending hosting duties of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, these awesomely edible candy turkeys are perfect for you!

All you need is a handful of the right treats, some frosting to double as glue, and a few minutes with the instructions to create this fun, edible and practical Thanksgiving table decoration. This project, discovered via OurBestBites.com, comes with easy-to-replicate, step-by-step instructions (including photos!). These Oreo turkey place card holders are the perfect detail for a family style Thanksgiving meal. Just make sure the kids at the table save them for dessert! There’s also some adorable marshmallow cookie Pilgrim hats if you get to the bottom of the page.

What do you plan to use as table settings this Thanksgiving? If we could, we’d use jewelry! But since we’re not totally sure how to make that happen, I guess we’ll try out the Oreo turkeys.


One thought on “Oreo Turkey Thanksgiving Place Settings

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