Spring Fashion Style (VIDEO)

Spring is definitely in the air…finally!

Here is Eve’s Addiction’s COMPLETE and total guide to spring fashion and accessories! Enjoy!


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Spring Style #2: Emerald Green

Eve’s is continuing our week long celebration of Spring!

The trending style we will be looking at today is Emerald Jewelry!

Spring Style: Emerald Green

Pantone’s 2013 Color of the year, Emerald, has been making a huge impact on fashion so far this year!

Why we love it: Emerald jewelry is simply exquisite. It’s rich, majestic and the perfect complement to any wardrobe.

Why we’re not surprised: It’s Spring! As fresh buds of green pop up all around us, it only makes sense to incorporate this lush color into our style and jewelry!


Welcome to the first full week of Spring!

To celebrate, we are going to be highlighting a trending style for Spring 2013 each day this week!


Spring Style: Black and White

From street style to red carpet style to the catwalk, black and white has come out on top this season as a top contender.

Why we love it: Black and White jewelry is classy and goes with anything and EVERYTHING. With a black and white jewelry style, you can be sure you will be getting a lot of use out of this accessory.

Why we’re surprised: It’s Spring! The season of unrelenting pastels! We aren’t sure exactly how black and white worked its way into a trending style for Spring this year, but we sure love it!

On Trend: Gold Fashion Watches

Gold and rose gold fashion watches are a huge must-have right now. Even hollywood’s hottest are in on this style right now. Jennifer Aniston, the Kardashians, Rihanna and plenty more celebrities have been seen flashing gold and rose gold watches. If they say it’s in – it’s in. And we have noticed!

Gold watches and the new “it” hue, rose gold, are classy, stylish, functional and really make any outfit. A super hot accessory right now that we can really stand behind!

Here are our favorite celebrities sporting beautiful gold watches:

Designer Inspired Gold Tone CZ Boyfriend WatchBella's Glamorous CZ and Rose Gold Watchcelebrities

golden trend

Designer Inspired Classic Rustic Copper Tone Ladies Watch  Designer Inspired Horn Inlay Boyfriend Style Watch Designer Inspired Modern Rose Gold Vintage Flair Watch Designer Style Goldtone Watch with Mother of Pearl Facecelebs

Eve’s Addiction Emerald Ring Featured in Woman’s World Magazine!

Woman’s World Magazine featured Eve’s Addiction in “Go Green to look up-to-the-minute!” Here is what they had to say about our 3 Stone Oval Cut Emerald Green Ring: “Sterling silver ring  looks like a precious family heirloom!”

womans world emerald

Emerald is the 2013 Pantone color of the year AND the perfect color for March as you celebrate Spring weather and St. Patrick’s Day!


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you have been hit with cupid’s arrow or not, you will find this jewelry the perfect addition to any jewelry wardrobe not only on February 14, but all year long. The best part? We’ve put it all on Pinterest so you can have FUN while you shop/hint to your loved ones about what to get you! That’s ok if your not into Pinning, we have it all on our site, so just click here to go to our Valentine’s Gift Boutique for gift ideas for him and gift ideas for her!

valentines day pinterest board

Eve’s Addiction’s Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board

AND don’t forget to enter our Be My Valentine Giveaway/Contest for the chance to WIN that perfect jewelry gift for the special Valentine this year! ENTER HERE!