Oscar-Worthy Appetizer Ideas

Are you getting pumped for Oscar Sunday?! If you’re hosting or attending an Oscar party, here are a few red carpet-worthy appetizers that will earn you the Oscar for most clever host (or best appetizer in a supporting role).

Black Tie Cheese & Crackers
All you need for this easy app is a round cracker, a wedge of your favorite wheel cheese, and a few olives to slice and dice into a bow tie and buttons. Cute, clever, and most importantly simple.

Best-Dressed Hot Dogs
This recipe is all about finding the right napkin to dress your family-friendly treat up to the nines. Find a black napkin with white trim and construct little paper bow ties to wrap around hot dogs or pigs in a blanket for an Oscar-worthy easy app.

Tuxedo Strawberries
This one is very straightforward if you consider yourself to by nifty at dipping chocolate. Melt white and dark chocolate separately and dip fresh strawberries to achieve a black and white tuxedo look. Detail with a toothpick and leave on wax paper in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve these sweet treats.

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Labor Day Finger Food: Caprese Crisps

Labor Day is right around the corner! Are you entertaining guests? Cooking just for your family? Either way, you can be deliciously festive with this crafty finger food: Caprese crisps! This twist on the classic Caprese salad comes from Mom.me, and it’s the perfect one-bite appetizer for the aesthetically inclined host or hostess.


What you need:

– French bread
– Tomatoes
– Mozzarella pearls
– Basil leaves
– Salt
– Festive decorative toothpicks
– Panini press


What to do:

1. Slice your tomatoes in half, and then the halves into fourths.
2. Slice the French bread into thick slices (they thin down considerably during pressing).
3. Using a large cookie cutter, cut star shapes out of the bead slices, avoiding the crust.
4. Coat the panini press with cooking spray and lay out the bread stars.
5. Press the top of the panini press down until the bread has nice grill marks.
6. After removing the bread from the press, layer on the tomato, basil, mozzarella, and salt. Top with another piece of star-shaped bread.
7. Finish off with a fun, decorative toothpick.
8. Enjoy!

Visit Mom.me for the whole process and step-by-step photos!

And don’t forget your jewelry to match!