E-Secret Santa

Do you and your family, friends, or co-workers participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange each year? Online Secret Santa sites like Elfster are making name drawing easier than ever. Picking paper slips out of a hat is so 2012.


With these online Secret Santa generators, you can put in your name and email address to register for your Secret Santa exchange, and with the click of a mouse you’re automatically given the name of someone else in your exchange to get a gift for! Some sites are very simple, and only used for name generators, like http://secretsantagenerator.net. Others, like Elfster, let you not only draw the name of a friend or colleague, but you can curate your own wishlist and view the wishlist of the person you picked. You can even anonymously ask questions about that person’s tastes, if you don’t know them very well or want to pick an extra-personal gift. You can even set a spending limit on your gift exchange all from within the website! Secret Santa exchanges have never been easier, and now there’s no need to worry about buying or receiving a crappy gift at a Yankee swap. All the legwork is done for you on sites like these; all you have to do is assemble your virtual wishlist.

EvesAddiction.com is the perfect resource for generating a Secret Santa wishlist, as you can link straight to products and also shop gifts by price range for an even more simplified shopping experience.

Will you try an E-Secret Santa exchange this year?



Oreo Turkey Thanksgiving Place Settings

Awesome alert! If you’ve still got a heaping bag of leftover Halloween candy, but you’re starting to think about the impending hosting duties of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, these awesomely edible candy turkeys are perfect for you!

All you need is a handful of the right treats, some frosting to double as glue, and a few minutes with the instructions to create this fun, edible and practical Thanksgiving table decoration. This project, discovered via OurBestBites.com, comes with easy-to-replicate, step-by-step instructions (including photos!). These Oreo turkey place card holders are the perfect detail for a family style Thanksgiving meal. Just make sure the kids at the table save them for dessert! There’s also some adorable marshmallow cookie Pilgrim hats if you get to the bottom of the page.

What do you plan to use as table settings this Thanksgiving? If we could, we’d use jewelry! But since we’re not totally sure how to make that happen, I guess we’ll try out the Oreo turkeys.

What to Do With Your Leftover Halloween Candy

It’s the day after Halloween and your fridge is inundated with bags and bags of Halloween candy you or your kids scored the night before. Sure, it’s great to have extra chocolate around the house to snack on, but you couldn’t eat through that many Kit Kats if you tried!

You don’t have to let all that perfectly good free candy go to waste! Toss a few bags in the freezer and scroll through this list of recipes using leftover Halloween candy curated by Something Swanky.

There’s plenty of recipes for peanut butter fans, and I’m drooling over the Kit Kat cookie bars! Do you have a favorite leftover candy recipe? Share it with us!

Of course, if you’re skipping out on the sugary treats this year, you can go for a shiny treat instead, like these adorable cupcake stud earrings:


DIY: Gemstone Jack-O-Lanterns

Halloween is almost here! Have you been to the pumpkin patch yet? The October weekends are winding down, so if you haven’t carved yourself a festive pumpkin yet, here’s a creative way to decorate all the while showing your passion for all things sparkly! We found this craft on Pinterest via Design Sponge, and today we’re sharing how to make your own Gem-O-Lanterns!

image via Design Sponge

image via Design Sponge

What you need:

– Carving pumpkin(s)

– Pumpkin carving tools

– Marker

– White spray paint

Draw your favorite gem shapes on your pumpkins after hollowing them out fully. Carve out your designs the way you would carve any jack-o-lantern, and finish by spraypainting your pumpkins white (or any other color of your choice) for a super-chic gemstone look! For the full tutorial with additional images and tips, see the original tutorial at Design Sponge.

bst10018What’s your favorite gemstone cut? Would you carve it into a gem-o-lantern? What are you carving into your Jack-O-Lanterns this year?

Happy Left-Handers Day!

Today is International Left-Handers Day! Here’s to all of the left-handed folk out there who have to put up with living in a world of computer mouses and pairs of scissors meant for the right-handers! In honor of our left-handed compatriots, we are naming right hand rings left hand rings for the day. Sparkle on, lefties!


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