Hello, 2014!

2014heartsDo you have a New Year’s resolution? We have one major one that we have every intention of sticking with! That is, do all things with love. Most importantly, love yourself. Whether this means taking care of your body or mind, or treating yourself to remind you that you are beautiful every day, living with love makes you a better version of you!

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Do you think you can make it last the whole year? We know you can!

E-Secret Santa

Do you and your family, friends, or co-workers participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange each year? Online Secret Santa sites like Elfster are making name drawing easier than ever. Picking paper slips out of a hat is so 2012.


With these online Secret Santa generators, you can put in your name and email address to register for your Secret Santa exchange, and with the click of a mouse you’re automatically given the name of someone else in your exchange to get a gift for! Some sites are very simple, and only used for name generators, like http://secretsantagenerator.net. Others, like Elfster, let you not only draw the name of a friend or colleague, but you can curate your own wishlist and view the wishlist of the person you picked. You can even anonymously ask questions about that person’s tastes, if you don’t know them very well or want to pick an extra-personal gift. You can even set a spending limit on your gift exchange all from within the website! Secret Santa exchanges have never been easier, and now there’s no need to worry about buying or receiving a crappy gift at a Yankee swap. All the legwork is done for you on sites like these; all you have to do is assemble your virtual wishlist.

EvesAddiction.com is the perfect resource for generating a Secret Santa wishlist, as you can link straight to products and also shop gifts by price range for an even more simplified shopping experience.

Will you try an E-Secret Santa exchange this year?


Sweet As Candy



I’m a bit too old to trick or treat these days, but I know what I’d be happy to see in my trick or treat bag! How cute is this “sweet kisses” pendant? This fun pendant won’t melt in your mouth, but it will sparkle long after Halloween season has long gone! You can pair this with some of its chocolate counterparts for a real sweet Halloween treat (with no calories)! This sparkler comes with your choice of a 16″, 18″, or 20″ pendant, so it is perfect for all ages. Yum!

Now Trending: Animal Chic


Animal prints have been a hot style on-and-off for years, but this fall the style is back ON in a big way! Animal print accessories are the hot item for fall. Leopard print has been all over flats, scarves, and even jewelry. Leopard loafers, particularly ones with hairy textures, have been a big hit so far this season.


However, this trend is heating up so fast that pieces are going past animal print and featuring other animal qualities! The hottest item of the moment are cat-embroidered flats. These do not feature cat print, but rather have the face of a cat embroidered on the toe! These adorable flats pictured to the right even have cat ear cut-outs to add to the animal aesthetic.

Scarves are always a fall staple, which allow them to participate fully in the animal print hype. You can go bold with an obvious leopard print in traditional golden yellow and black, or opt for something a little more tribal chic with mixed animal prints and non-traditional colors, like the green and orange mixed animal print scarf below.


Jewelry is one of the most fun ways to wear animal print this fall. You can mix and match all sorts of pieces with all sorts of outfits; jazz up some solid neutrals with a leopard print ring, or mix prints within your outfit combining cheetah flats with a zebra scarf and a tiger print ring.


How will you wear animal prints this fall? Share with us your best wild find and how you’re styling it this season!

Watercolor Nails

We just came across the cutest nail style of the season. Ok, so maybe it’s much more of a spring style than anything else, but regardless watercolor nails are awesome.


Small Good Things posted a Jelly Watercolor Nail Art tutorial that’s adorable! You can click here for her tutorial, which looks pretty straightforward. Simply apply a nude base coat, sponge on various layers of pastel nail polish, and seal in with a clear topcoat. Voila? I’ll have to try it!


How good would these nails look with a pastel ring like this?

Do you have any other fun nail art tutorials? Leave them in the comments- we’d love to try them!

Happy Left-Handers Day!

Today is International Left-Handers Day! Here’s to all of the left-handed folk out there who have to put up with living in a world of computer mouses and pairs of scissors meant for the right-handers! In honor of our left-handed compatriots, we are naming right hand rings left hand rings for the day. Sparkle on, lefties!