Watercolor Nails

We just came across the cutest nail style of the season. Ok, so maybe it’s much more of a spring style than anything else, but regardless watercolor nails are awesome.


Small Good Things posted a Jelly Watercolor Nail Art tutorial that’s adorable! You can click here for her tutorial, which looks pretty straightforward. Simply apply a nude base coat, sponge on various layers of pastel nail polish, and seal in with a clear topcoat. Voila? I’ll have to try it!


How good would these nails look with a pastel ring like this?

Do you have any other fun nail art tutorials? Leave them in the comments- we’d love to try them!

Eve’s Addiction Emerald Ring Featured in Woman’s World Magazine!

Woman’s World Magazine featured Eve’s Addiction in “Go Green to look up-to-the-minute!” Here is what they had to say about our 3 Stone Oval Cut Emerald Green Ring: “Sterling silver ring  looks like a precious family heirloom!”

womans world emerald

Emerald is the 2013 Pantone color of the year AND the perfect color for March as you celebrate Spring weather and St. Patrick’s Day!